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Shuanghong high precision CNC lathe Advanced technology, product quality is guaranteed
Shuanghong CNC Lathe Production Workshop
Zhongshan Shuanghong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise specializing in the production and research and development of CNC machine tools. Committed to the production of various types of conventional standard models, various types of special machine customization and the development of new CNC machine tools, forming a unique series of CNC machine tools and machining solutions.

Shuanghong CNC Lathe

Shuanghong CNC Lathes • High-quality and intelligent choice Lathe equipment production processing expert

Energy saving

Low labor intensity, no secondary pollution, no difficulty in moisture formation, and less waste

Performance guaranteed

With FANUCA81 spindle motor, providing maximum horsepower output of 11KW

Linear guide

High-torque belt spindle design
Can be selected according to processing characteristics

Sensitive and stable

Our accuracy can be controlled within 0.003mm.

High precision

The spindle joint surface of the spindle head is manually shoveled to ensure ultimate performance and precision.

Sold nationwide

Multiple standard configurations, automatic operation, safety protection, fault detection, automatic alarm

More than 20 years of pouring and casting the industry model Shuanghong “accelerates” your company's production capacity
Sensitive and stable

Sensitive and stableHigh precision density production equipment

Zhongshan Shuanghong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of CNC lathes. The products include CNC lathes, some processed products, Taiwan Funan electromechanical components, and turning and milling machine power head specifications.

High quality

High qualityPerformance is guaranteed!

Reduce processing steps, improve efficiency by 30%, improve product qualification rate; use industry experience to find manufacturers with good products required by customers.

R & D capabilities

R & D capabilitiesExcellent research team + innovation ability

There is a research and development team that provides the company with a continuous stream of innovation capabilities and meets the technical needs of users.

Intimate after sale

Intimate after saleValue-added services give you peace of mind

Provide comprehensive selection, after-sales, operation training, processing technology training and other services 7*24 hours a day, the service team will answer any difficult questions for you.

National Service Hotline:+86-0760-86961971

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Technical Knowledge/FAQ

Main drive moving parts of CNC machine tools

Main drive moving parts of CNC machine tools2018/11/1 3:25:50

The spindle on the CNC lathe drives the rotary motion of the workpiece....

Explain the layout of the CNC lathe tool holder

Explain the layout of the CNC lathe tool holder2018/11/1 3:22:09

The horizontal bed of the CNC lathe has good manufacturability and is convenient for the processing of the guide surface. ...

What is the problem with the electrical failure of the vertical CNC lathe?

What is the problem with the electrical failure of the vertical CNC lathe?2018/11/1 3:21:00

The high-efficiency vertical CNC lathe is suitable for processing medium and small discs...

Into Shuanghong

Into Shuanghong

      Zhongshan Shuanghong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of China's great man Sun Yat-sen, a long-established city, and enjoys the “China Hardware Products Base” in the Pearl River Delta, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City.
         The company design, production, management, a variety of CNC CNC lathes, our company has a large number of skilled personnel, strict control of the quality of the machine tool design, production, assembly, service, to achieve customer satisfaction.
         The CNC CNC lathes are manufactured in accordance with ISO international code standards, with the prestige of development and the tenet of customer first, and earnestly: good quality products, considerate service, prompt delivery, reasonable price, and lend to users with good performance products. The company is favored by merchants and users at home and abroad with its good reputation and excellent service.
         Shuanghong CNC is your ideal partner for industrial production. We sincerely hope to cooperate sincerely with all walks of life and seek common development!
         Your smile, my achievement!